Zutter Bow-it-All V3.0 "Brand New" Bow Making Tool



Zutter Innovative Products is pleased to introduce the Bow-it-All V3.0 with added features and upgrades that make it the world’s first and only Ultimate Bow Making Tool!  The Bow-it-All V3.0 is still “elite and petite” at 11” x 7” and has many of the same great features of the original Bow-it-All and the Bow-it-All V2.0.  Now it’s even better!

This new tool has been designed to give you unlimited Bow Making and Crafting possibilities (Yes I said Crafting and you thought it was only used to make Bows, well not anymore).

Key features and details of the Bow-it-All V3.0 are: 

  • Expanded Triple bow-making capabilities (60 Peg Hole Options)
  • Brand New Black and Pink Color Scheme
  • Increased size options (Create Bows from 1/2" to 10 " wide)
  • Smaller sized board: 11” X 7”
  • Lighter weight: 1.9 lbs.
  • Integrated peg and wrench storage
  • Locking pegs and peg wrench
  • Integrated Inch and centimeter ruler
  • Durable Zippered tote included
  • 34 page full-color, full size, step-by-step How-to Manual

  • Supplemental Bow-it-All V3.0 Instruction Manual
  • Injection Molded Base with Anti Glare Chrome metal plate With 60 Peg Holes!